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Wed Dec 10 20:11:09 MST 1997


I also heard BlahBlah Blather's account.

A couple  of nights ago,  a science reporter was
on thug radio  refuting the  Global Warming idea
(Globaloney, I  think he called it).  Anyway, he
claimed we  are  entering a new ice age right on
schedule.  As evidence, he noted that the "hardy
plant line" has  been heading south for a number
of years and that arctic ice is actually getting
thicker. A layman, I definitely am, but I'd like
to learn  more about  this, and was wondering if
any of you know  the title  of the book this guy
just wrote?  "Ice" was in the title, I think,,,,

BTW, just heard on the wireless that Trent Lott
says the Kyoto treaty will be DOA in the Senate.

Regards, PapaPaul

At 07:31 PM 12/10/97 -0500, Dennis Putnam wrote:
>In case you haven't heard, Dan Blather reported tonight that becasue of El
>Nineo it actually snowed in Detroit in December closing the airport for
>several hours. Oh, why, oh why didn't we listen to the warnings about global
>cooling? Wait a minute, that is global warming. But snow is cold. No matter,
>when it is warm it is because of global warming and when it is cold it is
>because of global warming. I wonder what the weather has to be to not be
>because of global warming?
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