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John B Hammes economic at NETINS.NET
Wed Dec 10 23:48:27 MST 1997

On Fri, 5 Dec 1997, Jim Nantz wrote:

:-)Sometimes I think it's too late to turn this country around.  I see the
:-)complete stupidity displayed by so many of the American population.  Take
:-)the store I work at as an example.  As you leave one exit from our parking
:-)lot you see a big no left turn sign.  It's plainly visible yet people act
:-)as if it isn't there.  Cops are always pulling people over and ticketing
:-)them yet when I mention it to customers they act as if they never saw it.

        I remember one skit George Carlin did that made a whole lot of
sense to me...still does.  He said, (paraphrased) "Isn't it amazing
how many idiots and maniacs there are on the road?  Anyone who goes
faster than you is a maniac, and anyone who goes slower than you is an
idiot."  I really believe (even though Carlin's the flaming liberal
that he is)  he made sense when he said this.  I'd love to see more
Americans be more self-critical and less critical of everyone else.  I
know there are allot of "idiots and maniacs" out there, but the when
we screw up, many of us can hardly admit it.
        My main pet peeve is "tailgators".  I frequently swear that
if, "he doesn't get off my hind end, I'll slow down to where the
distance he' following me at IS a safe one".  Actually, if I did that,
I'd end up going 20 MPH in a 65 MPH zone, and I'd become the
hazard...although I do torment some of them by slowing down two or
three MPH rather quickly just to "make them think", I find it hard as
heck to think about what would happen if he had looked to the side
when I did that. Ouch, that hurt! :)

:-)In the store we have a counter where we offer hot and cold drinks, you get
:-)the appropriate cup then fill it with coke, coffee or whatever.  Even
:-)though we have signs plainly explaining which cups are for which drinks
:-)people will inevitably use the wrong cup.  They'll get a coffee cup, put
:-)coke in it, get a lid for the coke cups, then complain because we don't
:-)have any lids for the cup.  When I point out to them the signs I already
:-)mentioned that are plainly visible they act surprised and say something
:-)like "I never saw it."  I think to myself if it were a snake they would
:-)have been bitten.

I'll be danged if someone at the local Wal-Mart will tell me I can't
have a coke in a coffee cup if I want to.  If I want it that way....I
want it that way!  Sam Walton would agree with me too!  So charge me
extra for the cup!

:-)We hear in the news about these cholera epidemics in other countries.  In
:-)my opinion it is a matter of time before one starts here.  How many times
:-)have you been in the restroom at a restaurant and seen people
leave without
:-)washing their hands?

Ever been to a "Hardee's"?  The one I used to work at would have been
shut down even then if a sanitation inspector had walked in, most of
the time.  I've seen employees take out the garbage, then grab a few
10-to-1's (that's Hardee's, McDonald's, and most other fast food
places' term for the small type hamburgers you all eat.) with garbage
juice still on their hands, and throw them on the grill saying, "The
heat from the grill should kill any germs on them...they'll never
know", and think it's funny as they say it.  I didn't think it was all
that funny...I still won't eat at that particular Hardee's.  The fact
is, no body's ever gotten any food borne illnesses from there.  Hard
to believe.

:-)I used to work at a fast food joint (taco hell) and
:-)sometimes the employees were guilty of this as well.
:-)Look how many people voted for Klinton.  Look at how little they care about
:-)all the fraud and corruption in the present administration.  Look at all
:-)the idiots in the jockstrap aristocracy who will jump at the chance to drop
:-)their pants and bend over whenever the local football, baseball, or
:-)basketball baron puts a measure on the ballot to raise taxes to pay for a
:-)new stadium.

Look at all the people who voted for Republican US reps in that last
election and the one before it.  Look how many people still might be
destined to actually think about who they vote for next time.  Makes
the wait for a Republican president a whole lot easier to take.  Like
Rush says, the American People are the ones making the difference in
this country.  I put my faith in them, and not the liberals.

:-)I was just thinking today of some of the B.S. in our society and wondering
:-)if it's beyond our ability to turn things around.

Nah.  NO way.  Nothing's beyond the ability of the people of this
country.  Call me naive, but I think Reagan felt the same way.

John Hammes
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   "Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age 18.

   "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."

   "I never think of the future. It comes soon enough."

   "Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that
   can be counted counts."

....Albert Einstein

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