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Don't get overly disheartened.  You say we call America great and all
others not.  It's called, "national pride".  I'm sure you have some
opinions about your own country that you hold deep within yourself and
believe China has "the edge" over all others (from your post below).
Nothing wrong with that.  Just keep voicing your opinions here and
you'll fit right in on RUSHTALK, Ma.  As I told you privately, no one
here will argue that you don't have the right to say it on RUSHTALK,
so long as you keep it non-personal, and civil-tongued.  They may not
like what you say, but you give us insight on what one Chinese man
thinks.  They may say things you don't like, but you can always reply
to those things here.

(American RUSHTALK subscribers: Am I right? Am I wrong? Don't know
unless you tell me.)

BTW: The article on UNICOR made me think a bit too.  But I believe
it's the harsh conditions in Chinese prisons (if that's true) and the
fact that we call people who protest gov't. action "political
prisoners" if they're arrested for doing it, which makes me think that
the article about UNICOR isn't a parallel to that.

BTW-ALSO: I don't know if there is anyone on RUSHTALK who might be
able to help you with the grammar portion of your English, but I think
that's the only problem you have here on RUSHTALK.  I don't know if
you understand the tone intended in some of the replies you get here,
or, for that matter, if some ppl on RUSHTALK understand the tone you
intend either.  I've heard English is a difficult language to
master...don't know from experience tho.

John Hammes

On Wed, 10 Dec 1997, Ma ZhangKai wrote:

:-)Ma ZhangKai wrote ( to all ):
:-)>cbnron wrote:
:-)> Now, Ma - you have made me a little angry here - volunteerism and charity
:-)> are at an all time high in this country.  There is no other country that
:-)> gives more time and money to humanitarian causes than the USA.  How dare
:-)> you say, that because we are not giving to your government supported aid
:-)> for your children that we are hypocrites.  I would not give my money to ANY
:-)> government supported program - let alone one in a communist country where
:-)> the government will skim off a large portion for their steaks while the
:-)> poor population begs for scraps.  I do, indeed, give to children in foreign
:-)> countries.  I give through my church and they distribute that money where
:-)> it will do the best good; they do not work through any governments (our own
:-)> included) and the church takes no portion of that for itself.  I don't know
:-)> and i don't care whether they send any of that money to china; it is doing
:-)> good where ever it is going.  You act as though, if we are not giving to
:-)> china; we are not giving - that is definately not the case.  You should
:-)> know what you are talking about before you open your mouth.>
:-) >carole
:-)  You have your rights, Sir, I don't interfere you in anything !
:-)  I am very sadly here :
:-)  When I had connected to Internet, a friend told me, it is
:-)remerberedthat some foreign hate China. I just smile, whatever, all are
:-)human,hate is not worth to mention. And I had dreamed that amires of
:-)Internetmust do the FAIR PLAY, Don't worry for me! I said to him.
:-)  Then, I was became a menber of Internet family . At first, I joined
:-)Help-Net mailinglist,from there, I learned some knowledges
:-)aboutIntetnet, included how to join another mailinglist, I selected
:-)  At beginning, I was keep silence, just read. At that time, you were
:-)talking about a woman officer in airman, afterward, a member said there
:-)are many China spies in USA, I sent a mail to RUSHTALK, a mail was sent
:-)to me included abused content, I discarded it, a discussion was
:-)beginning. But I found that I can't argued with you, because the
:-)knowledge that I had is not enough to discuss with you, some about our
:-)dissenters, some is about our country, some is about yours, some is
:-)about both of culture. At last, I exited.
:-)  From then on, I was beginning to read all book that I can got, about
:-)above that I said, from my friends, from Internet, from whatwhere. Until
:-)my work is no longer busy, and Mr. John B Hammes just invited me back to
:-)Rushtalk, I joined again.      Notwithstanding Mr. Dennis didn't believe
:-)that I presence, now, I declared at last, My name is Ma ZhangKai,
:-)23years old, live in Shi JiaZhuang, He Bei, China, in fact this is not
:-)necessary, this is not the key. But I never dreamed that the american
:-)persisted unreasonably as this. Ken said that LaoGai(work in jail) in
:-)China, it is true when I found a article about jail wroker in USA, a
:-)commany named UNICOR, Ken denied to answer, and always told me, "those
:-)"silent screams" continue to drown you(me) out."; PapaPaul, he injured
:-)me at first, but when I was back answer to him, he can't suffered; And
:-)you, carole, you have read many mailes for injured our country from
:-)here, you keep silence, when I said some words  just as that you can't
:-)believed the truth because the lie is normal in your country(even,
:-)Cliton is a lie), you were angry, in spite of it was in a little or
:-)very much; And I had already said, the help is a touchstone. What did
:-)you think all of this? what do I think about that all? It looks like
:-)normal thing that you injured another countries, but you can't suffer
:-)anybody injured your country, it is UNFAIR! It looks like that you
:-)believed you are Christian, but another countries's people are huns, it
:-)is UNFAIR! You said again again that your country is great,
:-)unfortunately, I can't see in a little from there! How dare you! why did
:-)not I DARE? WHY? All that let me think, USA has not only computer, but
:-)also atomic bomb.
:-)  Pretension turn man to lag behind, humility turn man to progress, this
:-)words said by our great President Mao Ze Dong, surely, it is a truth.
:-)Study in order to China rise unexpectedly, this words said by our great
:-)permier Zhou En Lai, surely, it is a motto for any person with lofty
:-)ideals in China. China was the greatest country of the world in history,
:-)in 19 century, her was down, England was the greatest country of the
:-)world in history, her was down in 20 century, now, USA is the strongest
:-)country of the world......
:-)  But one day......
:-) Ma
:-)* Rise and fall of country, everyone's responsibility.  *
:-)*                -----A great person in China history   *

   "Things should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler."

   "Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age 18.

   "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."

   "I never think of the future. It comes soon enough."

   "Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that
   can be counted counts."

....Albert Einstein

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