Is it over?

PapaPaul febboy at IX.NETCOM.COM
Thu Dec 11 03:37:12 MST 1997

Sometimes I get to feelin down and think it's over, but then I take
heart from various folks (like those on this list), or I stumble
across something like the following from the Hillsdale College site
( ).  Makes me want to pack my bags and
go off to college again (hey, maybe I will!) --- PP

Hillsdale College is a four-year liberal arts institution enrolling
1,100-1,200 students. Though a small school located in rural Michigan,
Hillsdale has gained national fame over the last century and a half for its
fierce independence and adherence to principle. Truly, there is no other
school like Hillsdale:

Hillsdale was the first college in the nation to have its pioneering policy
of nondiscrimination written into its state charter.

Hillsdale admitted women, blacks and minorities on par with white males
almost two decades before the Civil War.

Hillsdale successfully fought against segregated ROTC units during World
War I.

Hillsdale refused to adopt affirmative action or sign federal compliance
forms in the 1970s, arguing that it had been in the "equal opportunity
business" long before the government and that because it did not accept
federal aid, it did not have to accept federal control.

Hillsdale vigorously defends the classical liberal arts curriculum, based
on the Western heritage of limited government and democracy,
Judeo-Christian values and the free market tradition. In this sense,
Hillsdale may be the most "politically incorrect" college in America today.

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