Favorite Quotes?

PapaPaul febboy at IX.NETCOM.COM
Thu Dec 11 09:54:14 MST 1997

At 09:51 AM 12/11/97 -0500, Larry Long wrote:
>>Got any favorite quotes? (I'm collecting them.)
>And how 'bout this one:
>On Oct. 11, 1996, Bill Clinton proclaimed National Character Counts Week,
>declaring, "Individual character involves honoring and embracing certain
>core ethical values: honesty, respect, responsibility, hard work,
>fairness, caring, civic virtue and citizenship.... My administration has
>made this a top priority."

        Top priority?  I was wonderin why everything
        seems so topsy-turvy these days.  The guy is
        utterly without shame.

        Thanks, Larry.  I'm gonna keep  this one for
        sure.     ~~ PP

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