Phone Company As Tax Collector

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Thu Dec 11 10:33:06 MST 1997

        On Wednesday, December 10, 1997 20:49, PapaPaul wrote:

        I hope I get this right.  This is how I heard it:

        According to Michael Reagan, the Telecommunications Bill that
        was recently passed has a provision for financing the Internet
        in schools.  And the phone company has the job of collecting it.
        He also mentioned that Congress is about to pass legislation
        which will prevent the Phone Companies from identifying this
        "fee" for what it really is, a tax.  Are elections coming up

        Regards, PapaPaul

Every two years, PP.

We had one last November, too.  In that one, there was an 8% (approx. 8
million) decline in voter turnout.  That was the largest decline in over
100 years that wasn't due to some external factor (wartime, etc.).

There was a time when we could count on an aware electorate to caretake
issues such as this surreptitious tax.  But, I'm not as confident about
that any more.  Even then, if a significant percentage decide not to
show up.....

We need a vigilant, attentive electorate - particularly when time are
"good."  I don't see that at present.

O Lord, grant us Revival,
But if not, then Rapture


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