we are doomed as doomed can be

Gary Freitag gfreitag at GREATBATCH.COM
Thu Dec 11 14:44:02 MST 1997

Dennis writes:

>In case you haven't heard, Dan Blather reported tonight that becasue of
>Nineo it actually snowed in Detroit in December closing the airport for
>several hours. Oh, why, oh why didn't we listen to the warnings about
>cooling? Wait a minute, that is global warming. But snow is cold. No
>when it is warm it is because of global warming and when it is cold it
>because of global warming. I wonder what the weather has to be to not be
>because of global warming?

Dan Rather doesn't recognize that the Pacific ocean also affects the
climate during non-El Nino years.  That is what amazes me most about
this El Nino obsession- it is as if weather doesn't happen the rest of
the time- and certainly not bad weather.

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