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At 07:11 PM 12/10/97 -0800, you wrote:
>I also heard BlahBlah Blather's account.
>A couple  of nights ago,  a science reporter was
>on thug radio  refuting the  Global Warming idea
>(Globaloney, I  think he called it).  Anyway, he
>claimed we  are  entering a new ice age right on
>schedule.  As evidence, he noted that the "hardy
>plant line" has  been heading south for a number
>of years and that arctic ice is actually getting
>thicker. A layman, I definitely am, but I'd like
>to learn  more about  this, and was wondering if
>any of you know  the title  of the book this guy
>just wrote?  "Ice" was in the title, I think,,,,
>BTW, just heard on the wireless that Trent Lott
>says the Kyoto treaty will be DOA in the Senate.

I'm not familiar with the book but the December "Limbaugh Letter" has a
compilation of various facts refuting the global warming myth. It is too
long to reproduce here but for those poor souls that don't subscribe here
are a few of the more interesting facts:

1. Satellite measurements show there was a slight cooling between 1979 and
1996 due primarily to a 'solar winter' caused by Mt. Pinatubo's dust cloud.
This is independently confirmed by weather balloon measurements.

2. Almost 1/2 the increase in temperature junk scientists point to as proof
of global warming, occurred prior to 1940 when there were no man made
greenhouse gases.

3. The journal "Science" states that the sun is emitting warmer than normal
radiation which is reaching earth causing it to warm. [Hmmmm, maybe all
those greenhouse gases have reached the sun disturbing its balance and are
causing it to burn hotter.]

4. Global warming computer models expect the Artic temperatures to be
increasing. The temperatures have actually decreased 1.4 C over the last 40

5. These same computer models predict the equatorial temperature to
increase 2 to 4 C. The temperatures have remained within plus or minus 1 C
for billions of years.

6. The earth was a boiling cauldron of CO2 in its formative years and plant
life evolved because of it. Increases in that gas cause increases in plant
growth (photosynthesis) thus increasing crop yield and oxygen production.

There is lots more but clearly this refutes the junk science that say we
need a global summit and a treaty that will cost us millions more then
environmental wackos have already.

This is for Ken:

It is heartening to hear Lott say this treaty is DOA in the senate, but will
he cave or stick to his guns? It is amazing to see that the majority of
Americans have accepted global warming as a given. The only question is how
to combat this non-problem extracting the maximum from those rich polluting
Republicans. The liberals already have won this war with disinformation so
it won't take much to turn the masses against those mean old Republicans
again will likely melt in the heat. It has happened before, many times.

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