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On Thu, 11 Dec 1997, William B. White wrote:

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:-)        I agree with the advice you have given Ma.  I applaud his attempts to
:-)carry on a dialogue in English, but for my part, I have found it difficult to
:-)understand what he is saying most of the time.  To compound the problem, he
:-)does send forth some sentence strings that are quite clear and well written.
:-)Then he lapses into incoherence.  This pattern has led me to wonder about his
:-)identity and his intention.  One attitude that is consistent is his tone of

This tone seems to be one of constant discomfort, too, but I wonder if
its just coming thru that way in the translation or if he really feels
that discomfort.  Guess we'll never know for sure, but it is
interesting; some of the defenses Ma has come up with...if I'm not
reading them wrong, that is.

:-)        Overall, he adds to the texture of the list and I am glad you are
:-)being gracious to him.  When I was in China, our group was treated graciously
:-)for the most part, though we were constantly watched and "directed."  No doubt
:-)our hosts were protecting us.  One of our group had about $100 equivalent
:-)stolen from him in a hotel gift shop.  Our host immediately replaced the money
:-)with great apologies.  My chinese collegue told me it is impossible for
:-)non-Chinese to understand China.  Still we try.
:-)Bill White

And I appreciate your commendation for that, Bill. :)  I thought it'd
be interesting to have someone other than a "westerner" involved.
Anyone else feel that way?


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