John B Hammes economic at NETINS.NET
Sat Dec 13 22:33:19 MST 1997

On Thu, 4 Dec 1997, Kenneth E. Wyman wrote:

:-)December 4, 1997
:-)   News reports are stating that the House Veteran's Affair Committee has
:-)scheduled a press conference for 12 pm ET Thursday to present the manifest
:-)that shows that Arlington Cemetery-buried Larry Lawrence was not on the
:-)merchant marine ship SS Horace Bushnell as he claimed -- and a casualty
:-)list for the ship DOES NOT INCLUDE HIS NAME.
:-)   If an upcoming congressional hearing on the Arlington burial
:-)policy gives the lie to his Merchant Marine "record" then
:-)there is only one honorable action to be taken. GET HIM OUT OF THERE !!!
:-)Kenneth E. Wyman


Heard the other day they GOT him outa there. :)  Glad his widow
approved, although she must be extremely embarrassed.

John Hammes

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