Senator Orrin Hatch "caves" again

Stanley, Hank hstanley at SDEXGATE.SANDIEGOCA.NCR.COM
Tue Dec 16 12:32:53 MST 1997

Yeah, I don't know if "caved in" is the right phrase, either.

But "telegraphed move" might be.

O Lord, grant us Revival,
But if not, then Rapture


(Conclusions jumped to are entirely self-achieved and independent of my
employer which doesn't need any help in developing its own hang-ups.)

        In a message dated 97-12-15 03:12:37 EST, ken writes:

        <<   Once again, Senator Hatch was on Sunday Fox T.V. News,
         caving in to his friend Bill Clinton. The Senator, in essence,
         said if Clinton wants to make the pro-Affirmative Action
         Bill Lann Lee the nation's top civil rights prosecutor,
         he should do it "gently."

             In other words, Clinton ought not give Lee a recess
         appointment but perhaps an "acting" appointment which would
         not be so "insulting" to the Senate.

             Little wonder Bill Clinton and Teddy Kennedy like him --
         political "patsies" like Orrin Hatch are to be treasured.

         Kenneth E. Wyman >>

        Orrin Hatch is hardly a 'political patsie' of Bill Clinton or
anyone else.  He
        has adamantly stated that this is the most corrupt
administration in history
        and has steadily put pressure on the attorney general to install
        independent counsel to investigate the white house.  He wouldn'
t do that if
        he were a political patsy.  He certainly has changed over the
years, his
        approach that is, not his beliefs.  I don't believe that
insulting your own
        team is the way to get them to do the things you want them to
do.  You can
        catch a lot more flies with honey than you can with derogatory

        -Darin (still waiting for a fair tax system)

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