Senator Orrin Hatch "caves" again

Kenneth E. Wyman kewcomm1 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Tue Dec 16 13:28:34 MST 1997

You Wrote:

>I don't believe that insulting your own team is the way to get them to do
the things you want them to do.  You can catch a lot more flies with honey
than you can with derogatory statements.
>-Darin (still waiting for a fair tax system)

       if it waddles like a duck, squawks like a duck,
and looks like a duck, its got to be a duck.

       I personally tire of the Senator Hatches in the GOP
who speak the good fight and then compromise their principled
position(s) at the moment of confrontation with the political

   I remember watching Senator Goldwater opposing the '64 Civil
Rights Act on the principle that it was un-constituional.
He stood his ground in spite of possible severe political damage.
(It wound up hurting him but when asked if he knew he was going to
be so damaged, would he have change his position, his answer was
"Goldwater" at its best "hell, no!)

   In the case of Orrin Hatch's horrendous cave-in performance he
clearly deserted a principle which he repeatedly expounded during
the past months.

   Therefore, this is one conservative that believes Orrin again
performed as a political "patsy" (His "friend" Teddy can gleefully
attest to that "quality") and should be held accoubtable as such.
That ain't "insulting," its a clearly understood adjective to define
personal performance in the world of politics and the Senator
understands its meaning.

   In closing, as long as the GOP has its Orrin Hatches' and their
un-willingness to stand "toe to toe" with the Dems over a matter of
principle, then Bill, Teddy and the rest of their left wing allies
will freely enforce their power base to the detriment of the
American people.

Ken Wyman

"One must fight, if only to have fought according to one's conscience"

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