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Subject: Reuters and Associated Press 12/19/97
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REUTERS    Friday December 19, 1997 7:10 AM EST

NAACP Wants Explanation on Ron Brown's Death

BALTIMORE (Reuters) - The NAACP told the Clinton
administration that it wants the government to address
growing speculation surrounding the death of Commerce
Secretary Ron Brown.

Brown's body was recovered from the wreckage of a U.S.
Air Force plane that slammed into the side of a
mountain in Croatia in April 1996, killing all 35
people on board. Government investigators concluded
that he died of multiple injuries sustained in the

But two military pathologists -- Air Force Lt. Col.
Steve Cogswell and Army Lt. Col. David Hause -- have
since been quoted in a Pennsylvania newspaper as saying
Brown suffered a head wound that could have been caused
by a gunshot.

On Thursday, the National Association for the
Advancement of Colored People asked for explanations
from the Justice Department, the Defense Department
and the White House.

"The NAACP is very concerned about the ramifications of
these allegations, and left unanswered and unresolved,
they raise serious questions," NAACP President Kweisi
Mfume, wrote in a letter to Attorney General Janet
Reno. "These allegations require an explanation."

Mfume also wrote to President Clinton to express the
civil rights organization's interest in the subject and
asked U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Henry
Shelton for a briefing on a Pentagon investigation into
the claims.

This administration ought to publicly come out and explain everything it
knows about this matter.  Instead, neanderthals like McCurry do more
damage by dismissing these serious allegations, saying, "Well, it's just
those people who hate the president..."

Huh?  Being in PR, I firmly believe that the first rule is to never
blatantly dismiss something that continues to fester, gain momentum and
have the potential to serious do damage to your organization.  By doing
so, McCurry gives credence and believability to this matter.  How dumb
does he think the listening public really is?

Allege that Ron Brown, former Commerce Secty in the Clinton
administration, was murdered because folks hate Clinton?  That's just
plain silly and stupid, Mr. McCurry.

Now's where's Dee Dee?

"The sharpest tool in the shed." -- anonymous

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