OK City Bombing Is Not Over

Kenneth E. Wyman kewcomm1 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Tue Dec 23 22:32:44 MST 1997

Huntsville, AL 35802

December 23, 1997

    Whatever the final sentence of Terry Nichols, the OK City
"bombing" matter is far from closure.

    Although not widely reported by the media on its conduct,
there is an on-going Grand Jury to determine if there "was more
to the bombing" than the actions of McVey and Nichols such as
a sub-plot government "sting" operation gone wrong.

    Add to that activity, two lawsuits against the U.S. by two
groups of victim families to determine government responsibility.

    If there was more to the bombing than the actions of the two
"bombers," the ramifications for AJ Reno and FBI Director Freeh
will make their campaign funding problems look like "child's play."

Kenneth E. Wyman

"One must fight, if only to have fought according to one's conscience"

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