Merry CHRISTmas

PapaPaul febboy at IX.NETCOM.COM
Wed Dec 24 02:40:46 MST 1997

Merry Christmas to all of you and to all
A Very Happy and Wonderful New Year.  This
corner of CyberSpace is a happy one for me
and I want all of you to know you guys are
the greatest.

I'd like to share with you a great present I got a
couple days ago.  More than 40 years ago I spent a
year on a tiny Korean island, just a squeak above
the parallel.  There were two villages, an orphanage
on a hilltop, lots of refugees from the ChiCom and
KorCom areas, and,,,for sure,,,a wonderful Chinese
couple who served fantastic Chinese food out of their
humble hut (oh, those pot stickers!)  And there were
30 GI's.  In Sept the mothers of the GI's started
sending Christmas food and clothing to the children
in the orphanage, and by Christmas there was enough
stuff to almost sink the island.  What a Christmas it
was, too!  One of the orphans, first with the help of
a Korean nun, started writing letters to Miss Ruby, my
mom.  They've been writing ever since.  And a couple
days ago, mother sent me a photo of the "orphan" and
his new family.  Mr Oh has a very pretty wife, a chubby
son with an impish grin on his face, and a delicate,
beautiful daughter.  He's a writer for Korean TV and she
a broadcaster on Christian TV.  What a wonderful family!
What a happy Christmas this is!

Hugs to all of you.  And more hugs.

<I'm gonna be gone for 2, 3 weeks.  Keep the flames


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