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> **Exclusive**
> Investigative reporter Chris Ruddy came face to face with President Clinton
> this afternoon in Washington's Union Station, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.
> Ruddy, who has been raising hell throughout official Washington with stories
> that a military coverup may exist surrounding the death of former Secretary
> of Commerce Ron Brown, was having lunch at the Centre Cafe located in the
> middle of the station when he spotted Clinton [with media crowd] doing some
> last minute Christmas shopping.
> Clinton, with daughter Chelsea, picked through a shop selling jewelry and
> other trinkets before passing right next to Ruddy -- within six feet -- at
> the Cafe.
> Forcing an unscheduled press conference, Ruddy stood, moved several steps
> from his table, toward Clinton, and asked:  Mr President, are there any
> plans to investigate Ron Brown's death?
> Eyewitnesses of the exchange report that Clinton said nothing and glared.
> In a grand coincidence, Ruddy at the time was dining with one of his sources
> from the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology [AFIP].  It is the AFIP that
> has been the ground zero of the Ron Brown story.
> Earlier this month, Ruddy reported in the PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW that Air
> Force Lt. Col. Steve Cogswell and Army Lt. Col. David Hause, both armed
> forces deputy medical examiners, have stated that military personnel who
> examined Brown's body discovered a circular hole consistent with a gunshot
> wound at the top of Brown's head.  Black Congressional Caucus Chair Maxine
> Waters and Kweisi Mfume, head of the NAACP, have since called for an
> investigation into the matter:  why there was no autopsy conducted on Brown,
> why all of the original head X-rays turned up missing from Brown's case file
> at AFIP.
> Stories that continue to spread on Internet wires and talkradio waves, and
> have left a White House angry.
> Press Briefing Flashback, December 19...
> Q Does the administration give any credence to these allegations that Ron
> Brown might have been shot?
> MCCURRY: Absolutely none. And credence is only given to those reports by
> entities associated with Richard Mellon Scaife, and we are right back into
> another one of these chasing a story that's been ginned up by people who no
> doubt, for whatever reason, hate the President of the United States. And the
> Pentagon, I think, has very thoroughly and in very gruesome detail, and no
> doubt in ways painful to the Brown family, addressed this issue. And it's
> time to knock this stuff off. And I'm not going to talk about this further
> or take any further questions on the subject.
> ----
> The DRUDGE REPORT has learned, Ron Brown's wife and children met with armed
> forces personnel at the Pentagon, including the chief medical examiner and
> the director of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, last week.  A
> source close to the family reveals that Mrs. Alma Brown personally called
> the president after that meeting -- but she has yet to receive a callback.
> Civil rights activist Dick Gregory was arrested in Washington earlier today
> during a protest to demand an independent investigation into the death.
> Standing outside the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Gregory called the
> area a "crime scene."
> "We didn't come here today to place blame," Gregory shouted. "We didn't
> dream this up.  If there is foul play, well you can't bring back the dead,
> but they will be able to rest in peace."
> Gregory blocked off the street in front of the building with yellow police
> tape and was quickly arrested for blocking traffic.
> He was booked at the 4th precinct and is spending Christmas Eve in a D.C. jail.
> Raise hell Ruddy was last reported to be on a train leaving the city for
> points north...
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