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All you old timers on the list will remember Will, our favorite liberal that
doesn't know he's a conservative.....yet.

He wanted me to pass this along to ya'all.


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<< Merry Christmas Darin,

 I hope you and your family are having a happy Christmas and that the new
 year will be fun and profitable for you.

 Please pass along Holiday greetings to all on Rush talk for me.  I
 recently had the pleasure of talking to ex-rushtalker, Dr. D.J.  Like
 me, he misses everyone on Rushtalk very much, but cannot find the time to
 spend on the list.  He is taking a sabatical at Washington U  in St. Louis
 this spring.

 It has been tempting for me to re-scribe, but my work load has prevented
 me from having the time.  I sometimes will go to a political chat room
 but the level of discourse is rarely comparable to the Rush Talk list.
 No doubt you will have a good chuckle with this but I have been spending
 my time examining the impact of emotional states on memory.  Specifically
 I am finding that if you learn something in a specific emotion, like when
 you are very angry, you will remember it better when you are angry than if
 you are happy or sad or any other emotional state.  Not quite Nobel prize
 winning work but interesting enough (I hope) to make it in a top journal.

 That's about all from this end, except....

 Bradley 2000  :)

 PS If the 2000 race comes down to Gingrich vs Gephardt, we have room for
 you in our garage until 2004, but you'll have to park your truck on
 the street!!!! >>

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