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John B Hammes economic at NETINS.NET
Wed Dec 31 01:37:12 MST 1997

Ken (et al.):

If he wasn't following the party line, he will be now.  I don't know
if Ma really believed what he said here or not, and I don't to purport
to be able to read anyone's mind, but the report did say it just
happened Tuesday.  Theoretically, Ma could have said what he felt if
he wanted to.  Ma may/may not have been touting his government's
system because he's been indoctrinated thru the teachings of his
government and thus not allowed to think other than a communist.  I
just hated to hear someone here on Rushtalk say Ma was an inane
communist...human nature is survivalist by nature, so Ma might have
had self-preservation at heart.  But human nature works the other way
too...hence G. Washington, B.  Franklin, and various dissidents in
China and the former USSR.

Since Ma will have to control his political thinking to keep himself
and his fellow students from being labeled, "political subversives",
they may as well be labeled as such so far as RUSHTALK is concerned.
Seems this news precludes Ma's disagreeing with Chinese government
policy on this discussion list. :(

Oh, well.  We lost Will too, and now we've lost the ultimate liberal;

John Hammes

On Tue, 30 Dec 1997, Kenneth E. Wyman wrote:

:-)December 30, 1997
:-)TO: Helen and Papa Paul
:-)    Per the below news report, "good ol'" Ma will only remain
:-)with us if he follows the party line. All of his postings to
:-)date, were an "orchestrated big lie" to propegate that line. If
:-)he had not, he'd have been "outa here."
:-) BEIJING (Reuters) - China clamped sweeping new controls on the
:-)Internet Tuesday, warning that the network was being used to
:-)leak state secrets and to spread "harmful information."
:-)Regulations unveiled by Zhu Entao, assistant minister for public
:-)security, cover a wide range of crimes, including leaking state
:-)secrets, political subversion and spreading pornography and violence.
:-)  In closing I wish you both as well as the rest of the folks
:-)on this list a prosperous and healthy New Year.
:-)Ken Wyman
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