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Wed Dec 31 09:33:17 MST 1997

        On Wednesday, December 31, 1997 04:42, Jim Nantz said:

        The last few days there's been a lot of attention given in the
media to the
        new law banning smoking in bars that takes effect in California
on January
        1.  I do have to admit to mixed feelings about this.  One one
hand I don't
        like the government telling the owner of a bar that he/she can't
        smoking in his establishment.  It should be up to the owner of
the bar
        whether or not to allow smoking.  If the employees don't like
smoking they
        always have the option to quit.

        On the other hand I've been around rude smokers who don't care
whether or
        not their smoking bothers anyone else and I have a hard time
feeling sorry
        for them.  Also what about the people who work around the
smokers but can't
        afford to quit their jobs?

        Just a thought

        Plutonium - fat free, no cholesterol, zero calories

The law is merely a symptom, my friend.

We've got to step back and ask ourselves if we (not just the people of
California) have reached the point where we hold the cloak of a
government as it systematically and methodically destroys an industry in
the private sector.  Or, do we look the other way just because smoking
is politically incorrect and we're "doing it for the children"?

But, has anyone else noticed, no one in that indignantly righteous
government has ever suggested that we get rid of this industry by
starting at its origin and plow up the tobacco fields?  No.  Instead, we
think its better to prohibit a free citizenry the right to use a legal
product at the end of a long chain of LUCRATIVELY TAXED steps in its

And don't think for a minute that bottled spirits won't be next on the
list.  Followed by high-fat foods.  You are witnessing a perfect example
of "frog boiling" unfolding before your very eyes.

"I love my country, but I fear it's government" - Anonymous

O Lord, grant us Revival,
But if not, then Rapture


(Conclusions jumped to are entirely self-achieved and independent of my
employer which doesn't need any help in developing its own hang-ups.)

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