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At 10:18 AM 12/31/97 -0500, Mike Wangsmo wrote:

>>The last few days there's been a lot of attention given in the media to the
>>new law banning smoking in bars that takes effect in California on January
>>1.  I do have to admit to mixed feelings about this. One one hand I don't
>>like the government telling the owner of a bar that he/she can't allow
>>smoking in his establishment. It should be up to the owner of the bar
>>whether or not to allow smoking. If the employees don't like smoking they
>>always have the option to quit.
>>On the other hand I've been around rude smokers who don't care whether or
not their smoking bothers anyone else and I have a hard time feeling sorry
>>for them. Also what about the people who work around the smokers but
can't afford to quit their jobs?
>An interesting observation I've made since my move to the "South". There is
>no such thing as a "non-smoking" anything down here. I figured, coming from
>Montana, that we were always behind the times national, but there are very
few smoking businesses left out there.
>The changes I had observed in Montana were gradual over the last ten years
or so, but now that I'm back in the middle of smoking everywhere, all the
time, I forgot how much more pleasant it is to be in a non-smoking
> Now, more onto the point at hand; Does the government have the right to
>dictate what can and can't be done in a private business with respect to
>smoking? I say yes. The government regulates all aspects of a business in
>the forms of public safety and public health. I'm sure that smoking could be
>argued to fall under at least one of those categories.

        WADR (with all due respect), Mike, I've been on both sides of the fence.
I'm a "reformed" ex-smoker (only smoked for about ten years, or so). I do
like a tobacco fume-free environment (let me tell ya that there's nothing
more vigilant that an ex-smoker, or ex-drinker). But, I bristle at the
thought of having the federal, or state government attempt to micro-manage
individual lives. These two bodies have far bigger concerns to fret over
and the bigger concerns are mounting day-by-day and also becoming more

        Being a die-hard, hardcore baseball fanatic, it would hardly seem the same
without cigar smoke wafting skyward, too. Some of my fondest recollections
of my childhood include the sights, sounds and - yes - smells of long-gone
Forbes Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

>Just my $0.02 worth.

        And mine....

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"If you hit the ball out of the park, they can't tell you how fast to
circle the bases."
- Willie Stargell

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