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At 09:33 AM 5/31/97 +0900, you wrote:
>  It seemed that U start to accusing me, but I still to tell U:
>there are not most books in China, no maximal library in China,
>But U MUST KNOW: China have most persones who love to read book,
>and love the book as life themselve, diligence and exertion are
>the most trait of the China people.
>  "Review the old, your will get the new."
>  Said by a history personage, about more than two thansouds
>years ago. Please remember this sentence, at best record it
>in U notepad as motto.

Since your government controls what you books you have acces to how can
anyone possibley know that they are reading the truth. It takes many
differents points of view and sources of information to seperate the wheat
from the chaff. In the US we can access opposing points fo view, access
their cited sources, evaluate the credibility of each and draw reasoned
conclusions. I would agree with your quote if you add the following, "but be
sure the old has not be rewritten and don't ignore he changes that make the
old obsolete." I can read that the sun revolves around the earth but that
does not make it true nor will it ever be true. Technology has proven that
theory obsolete. However, if do not have access the the techonology or
opposing points of you then you will indeed believe the old theory.

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