US exports is own liberalism and brutal totalitarion goverment

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At 09:25 PM 5/31/97 +0900, you wrote:
>  I know, althrough U choice is a unuseful thing, U have to endezvor to
>do it. I understand nothing from it, and U. as my side, althrough I have
>choice but people can advice out goverment by other ways, and it's
>active in something .

And atrocities like Tienneman Square and political prisons are the result.

>    Althrough U disagree, But it is true.
>    what's means the word "IMO"?

Sorry, we have lots of abbreviations similar to the way you use U for 'you'.
IMO means 'In My Opinion' and occasionally you will see IMHO which means,
'In My Humble Opinion.'

>    As I said in last time, China will decide own things by own ways.
> If anyone try to interfere at this, The China goverment and China
>will give him a hit.

I simply do not believe the Chinese people really participate freely in
their own government. I am sure those in Tienneman don't think they were
allowed a voice in affairs.

>    Please read my erstwhile mail.
>   The voice of the people. I know this: u use it to refute to me when a
>question is difficult to answer, U will say it that U do not always
>with my government.

Because of our differences in cultures I will let this pass. This sounds
like you are accusing me of hidding behind words when there is a difficult
question posed. You do not understand how a free society works but this
accusation from someone who does would be an insult.

>  Oh, U know this finally, But the constant is as important as the

Which does not exist in China.

>  I disagree, the pain will be in a long term, not a short, U can know
>if U know the things in China and in China history.

Again, cultural differences, lack of understanding of true freedom and
government propaganda will not allow you to see that you are wrong.

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