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What is not understood or comprehended about fusion is how safe and
reliable it will be.  There would be no radioactive waste.  Fusion would
undoubted make electricity generation cheep and super efficient.

People don't understand that there is a finite supply of oil in the earth
and once it is gone it is gone for good.  We are fast approaching the end
of our fossil fuel supply.  We have had to drill in the deepest parts of
the ocean to find oil lately.

When there is not a drop left people will finally understand.  When the
cars stop moving and turbines stop turning the people will understand.

FISSION is a nasty way to produce energy.   Smashing an atom is very
unsafe and very wasteful.  Eventually we will have the same problem with
nuclear waste that we are having now with garbage.  We will have no place
to put it.

What we will eventually turn to is efficient fusion.  What kind is yet to
be seen. We might fuse hydrogen and good ol' oxygen or we might fuse
matter and antimatter.  One thing is for certain, we will eventually use

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