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Papa Paul,

Ehrlich had written serveral books with a long line of predictions.
"The Population Bomb", I believe was the most famous.  I wish I had the
book here.  Needless to say, most of his predictions did not even
remotely come true.  Maybe I can hit the library and excerpt some of
it.  Recently, he came out with another book, espousing the same

The scary part is that his books were taken as gospel by many people.

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>The Atlantic Monthly has a discussion of this
>problem.  Please see

>The following was cut from that discussion,,,,

>                        IN the 1970s Paul Ehrlich, a biologist at
>                        University, predicted that global shortages
>would soon
>                        send prices for food, fresh water, energy,
>metals, paper,
>                    and other materials sharply higher. "It seems
>certain," Paul and
>                    Anne Ehrlich wrote in The End of Affluence (1974),
>                    energy shortages will be with us for the rest of the
>century, and
>                    that before 1985 mankind will enter a genuine age of
>scarcity in
>                    which many things besides energy will be in short
>                    Crucial materials would near depletion during the
>                    Ehrlich predicted, pushing prices out of reach.
>                    among people will be accompanied by starvation of
>                    for the materials they require."

>Regards, PapaPaul

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