Collin Csuy ccsuy at KENNEDY.WAUSAU.K12.WI.US
Wed Jun 4 01:56:36 MDT 1997

I have a some questions for you Christians:
Is it Christian to give blood to the red cross which can heal the sick?
Is is Godly to donate your organs to save the lives of others'?
If so, then shouldn't we call in the red cross to compassionatly drain
all the blood of Tim?
After having done a tissue match, should we not also remove the healty
organs from the body who's sick mind deserves punishment?


Joseph R Dillon wrote:
> Folks who are so quick to deep fat fry Tim,
> Most conservatives are Christians(or claim to be anyway) and any God
> fearing Christian would be afraid of eternal damnation should they decide
> to adopt a power of God. Christians who believe he should be toasted are
> hippocratics.  Is it right to throw away all your morals and values to
> punish someone just because they do not believe the same things are right
> and wrong?  Tim might have been able to justify what he did(in his own
> sick mind).  Should we kill people for doing what they believe is right.
> Christians who believe in the death penalty obviously don't care to much
> about their religion.  "Thou Shall Not Kill" (ring a bell--if not--how
> about this) "Revenge is that of God".
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> "With every link, the chain is forged.  The first speech censured, the
> first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, chains all
> irrevocably."

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