Re Fusion

Jim Nantz jimn at INFICAD.COM
Tue Jun 3 23:55:57 MDT 1997

I read once that back in the 50s a reactor was developed that would make it
possible for a reactor to operate for 40 years with one shipment of fuel.
Two loads of fuel would be sent in.  The first would be put in the reactor
and the other would be stored until later.  When the first load of fuel
needed to be replaced the second would be installed and the first would be
reprocessed so that enough of the fission by products were removed that the
remaining fuel could be used again.  This of course would result in a much
smaller volume of waste.  If this is true then it sounds like another case
of government screwing up everything it touches.

About fusion.  It is my understanding that the helium that is produced
today comes from gas wells and is a by product of radioactive decay.  It
stands to reason that it should be possible to take the alpha particles -
helium nucleii and render them safe for balloons.

Of course this is all academic at this time.  If fusion were ever to become
practical I'm certain that the center for science in the public interest
would come along and claim this is the worst thing to come along and would
kill more people than coconut oil.

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