John Bush jbush at POST.CIS.SMU.EDU
Wed Jun 4 03:57:40 MDT 1997

On  Tue, 3 Jun 1997, Joseph R Dillon wrote:

> Folks who are so quick to deep fat fry Tim,
> Most conservatives are Christians(or claim to be anyway) and any God
> fearing Christian would be afraid of eternal damnation should they decide
> to adopt a power of God. Christians who believe he should be toasted are
> hippocratics.  Is it right to throw away all your morals and values to
> punish someone just because they do not believe the same things are right
> and wrong?  Tim might have been able to justify what he did(in his own
> sick mind).  Should we kill people for doing what they believe is right.
> Christians who believe in the death penalty obviously don't care to much
> about their religion.  "Thou Shall Not Kill" (ring a bell--if not--how
> about this) "Revenge is that of God".
I am not going to adopt a power of God.  Why do liberals that don't
believe in God invoke his name so often?  (Don't get me wrong Joseph,
you might believe it God.  I have no way of knowing.  This is for all
the liberals who don't believe in God....they know who they are.)

Justice is a function of government.  I do not support the death
penalty for vengence.  I support it for justice.  "Thou shalt not
kill" is a poor translation of the meaning of the commandment.  "Thou
shalt not commit murder" is a much better rendition.

Adding to a previous thread (on a different list)...

You might be a liberal....

if you believe unborn babies should be killed, but murderers should
be protected....

if you've ever said that capital punishment is murder.....

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