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Wed Jun 4 15:22:52 MDT 1997

At 09:34 PM 6/3/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Folks who are so quick to deep fat fry Tim,
>Most conservatives are Christians(or claim to be anyway) and any God
>fearing Christian would be afraid of eternal damnation should they decide
>to adopt a power of God. Christians who believe he should be toasted are
>hippocratics.  Is it right to throw away all your morals and values to
>punish someone just because they do not believe the same things are right
>and wrong?  Tim might have been able to justify what he did(in his own
>sick mind).  Should we kill people for doing what they believe is right.
>Christians who believe in the death penalty obviously don't care to much
>about their religion.  "Thou Shall Not Kill" (ring a bell--if not--how
>about this) "Revenge is that of God".

I tried saying something similar.  Know what I was told?  God wants us to
kill him.  Also, don't look to God for support in your lack of desire to
kill him.  I was on a death penalty case.  I was told - here in this news
group - that I shouldn't pawn my unwillingness to kill off on God, and
don't look to God for support of that lack of desire.

Stephen Frye

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