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>I read once that back in the 50s a reactor was developed that would make it
>possible for a reactor to operate for 40 years with one shipment of fuel.
>Two loads of fuel would be sent in.  The first would be put in the reactor
>and the other would be stored until later.  When the first load of fuel
>needed to be replaced the second would be installed and the first would be
>reprocessed so that enough of the fission by products were removed that the
>remaining fuel could be used again.  This of course would result in a much
>smaller volume of waste.  If this is true then it sounds like another case
>of government screwing up everything it touches.

I believe you are referring to a breeder reactor. The reason this died is
because the reprocessed material is high grade fissionable material. This
was considered too high a security risk since, with that stuff, even Sadam
could build a thermonuclear device.


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