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>But didn't God give us dominion over the Earth and the inhabitants?  If so,
>aren't we also then given charge to maintain a society of some sort?  By
>definition, there can only be two forms of society; ordered and otherwise.  I
>think God would choose for us to maintain an ordered society.  In order to
>accomplish that, there have to be rules and methods to enforce those rules.
>I know this becomes a real dichotomy, however, God knew that these situations
>would arise and I think that is why he allowed his Son to be murdered to save
>us from sin.  In this situation, it is our defined role as maintainers of the
>ordered society to enforce the rules of the society and to punish those who
>break those rules.  I am not a biblical scholar, but the Old Testament does
>talk about punishment for crimes against society in the form of "an eye
for an
>eye".  I also don't know if the "Thou shalt not kill commandment" is
>only to an individual or to the society at large.  The jury decision of
>execution is a group decision representing the society at large.
>I am starting to digress in my point, so I shall stop here and hopefully
>somebody else can take it a bit further. :)

The dichotomy can be illustrated with the following. You are watching a
person murder another and have the means to stop it but it would require you
to kill the perpetrator. If you use Joseph's theory as a Christian you do
nothing and the victim dies. The perp then goes on to repeat the offense
against others as you continue to stand by and watch. I wonder how you will
be judged?

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