Joseph R Dillon jrdillon at JUNO.COM
Wed Jun 4 19:02:26 MDT 1997


I don't really don't believe in God, but I know a lot about the Christian
religions because I went to private school for quite a while.  I had
religion and its concepts drilled into my skull since I was very young.
While I don't follow the faith I respect it for what it is and I don't
mind having learned about it.  It has given me the ability to look at
things in yet another perspective.

I don't take offense to the liberal jokes:
>You might be a liberal....
>if you believe unborn babies should be killed, but murderers should
>be protected....
>if you've ever said that capital punishment is murder.....

In fact, I appreciate them.  I can tell Mr.Bush is a person who sticks to
what he believes is right, and for that I admire him and respect him.

As for abortion:  I could argue both side of that.

Joseph Dillon
Always looking left

"No matter where you go, there you are."

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