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Robert Neil uarn at MCK-UAII.MCK.NCSU.EDU
Thu Jun 5 10:58:50 MDT 1997

Such a question is only important if one asserts adultery to be the
only charge Kelly Flinn brought upon herself.

I wonder if General Ralston had an affair with an enlisted person or
their spouse. I wonder if he lied about the affair in a sworn
statement. I wonder if he disobeyed a lawful direct order to cease
and desist. I wonder if he is threatening to sue the military.

Given the current climate brought about by the Kelly Flinn case, any
outcome will be artificial in order to placate public opinion and to
preempt congressional intervention. My guess is he will resign under
honorable circumstances and that the radical feminists will howl
bloody murder.

On  5 Jun 97 at 8:03, Stephen A. Frye wrote:

> Does anyone wonder if General Joseph Ralston will be treated the
> same way for his adulterous affair as Lt. Kelly Flinn was?
> Stephen Frye

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