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Carole Bower cbnron at ADAMS.NET
Thu Jun 5 15:12:15 MDT 1997

>Let's be more direct then.
>Should he be given a general discharge?

No - he commited to offense to USMJ.
>Should he even be considered as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff?

I think that is now a moot question as he won't be.

The moral here is that we all should keep our pants on.  This would
probably have been good practice all along but something has happened to
society where the common practice is to jump into bed instead of giving a
good night kiss.  Almost every movie i watch there is a bedroom type scene
that means nothing to the plot of the movie.  Almost every TV show
intimates that unmarried sex is going on.  Every book i read has the same
obligatory sex.  Well, I digress.  Sorry.  I'm getting real tired of these
sexual exploit stories in the news - but maybe it will make people think a
little before jumping inot bed with someone - but i won't hold my breath to
find out.

>Stephen Frye

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