John Bush jbush at POST.CIS.SMU.EDU
Thu Jun 5 11:31:37 MDT 1997

On  Wed, 4 Jun 1997, Joseph R Dillon wrote::

> I don't really don't believe in God, but I know a lot about the Christian
> religions because I went to private school for quite a while.  I had
> religion and its concepts drilled into my skull since I was very young.
> While I don't follow the faith I respect it for what it is and I don't
> mind having learned about it.  It has given me the ability to look at
> things in yet another perspective.
Don't believe everything you're told (espcially about what religions
teach.)  I disagree with a lot of things that are taught as

> As for abortion:  I could argue both side of that.

Me too.  But only one side is right.

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