300 Years of Oppression

Richard A Whitenight rum.runner at JUNO.COM
Thu Jun 5 17:58:22 MDT 1997

It seems like every African American male I hear on the radio lately who
calls into the local talk shows seem to have a predominate
theme...receiving reparations for 300 years of injustice by the "white
race".  This old dog and pony show is getting really old.  I'm tired of
hearing about how "whitey" has oppressed the black race for the last 300
years.  I have no doubts that racism is alive and well in the United
States, but I'd also be willing to bet that if you have a young African
American male who still feels that "whitey" is his enemy, then those
values are a direct result of his environment he was raised in.  He's
probably been told from day one that the "white" race is the bad guy and
not to trust the words of the "white" race.

I'm also tired of hearing about how the justice system is heavily racist
against African American males, by the fact that three out of four
prisoners in our prison systems are African American males.  The harsh
reality is that young black males make up the majority of the unemployed
population and are probably committing a majority of the blue collar
crime in the United States.  If the African American population of the
United States wants to save their youth from the prison system, it's time
for our cities to improve the education system so that impoverished youth
have a chance to graduate and go on to college and for the African
American leaders such as the radical element (i.e. Nation of Islam or New
Black Panthers) to provide a more professional look...one that doesn't
breed racial bias or hate.  But this very same idea must also start in
all racial groups...for this is a problem that all bear.  The racial
flare ups between African American and Asian, and Jewish and African
American groups must cease.

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