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Carole Bower cbnron at ADAMS.NET
Thu Jun 5 21:10:17 MDT 1997

At 03:06 PM 6/5/97 -0700, you wrote:
>>I don't believe there is anything in the military oath about not committing
>>adultery - that is in the marriage vows.  Flynn was not in violation of the
>>oath on the adultery; it was lying and disobeying a direct order.  Where
>>have you  been?
>I've been at work and at school.  Quite busy actually, but otherwise, fine.
>So, if she wasn't in violation of anything, then how could she be ordered
>to stop?
She was ordered to stop fraternizing (who DO you spell that word) with an
elisted person's family; I guess fraternizing could be anything; not
necessarily adultery.  Don't you have to be married to commit adultery?  I
don't know, really.  and i'm too lazy to look for the dictionary (but i
should because i can't spell).

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