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Fri Jun 6 12:08:56 MDT 1997


In the dead  of night, in a room illumined only by
a flickering BW TV, I heard a snatch from PBS that
Erlich claims that 250 million people have starved
to  death since the publication of his first book,
THE POPULATION BOMB,  and that the worst is yet to

BTW, one aspect of over-population we have not
discussed is the amount of government that is
*apparently* required to keep the millions in
their proper places.

Yet another, do you think the individual is less
significant  on a densely populated planet?   In
the Ozarks,  where folks are separated by miles,
the "next door neighbor"  is likely to walk into
my Mom's yard and "sit a spell."   Whereas, here
in the hood, people separated only by an apt wall
won't have any truck with one another.

Regards, PapaPaul

Government: The Opiate Of The Masses

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