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>Once again you seem to ignore the fact that I have always believed what she
>did was wrong, and that punishment was in order.  My objection was that
>similar conduct is rampant in the military and is being ignored.

I am ignoring nothing. You continue to equate the seriousness of adultery
with that of disobeying orders and lieing. My point is that adultery by
itself would warrant no more nor no less attention then others participating
in the rampant adultery. Had Flinn obeyed the order to cease and desist  and
had told the truth we would not be having this debate. I agree all military
personnel should be punished for their transgressions. However, it is
ridiculous to expect the punishment for adultery to be the same as for
disobeying orders or lieing. If you are saying disobeying orders and lieing
is rampant then I might agree with you but if that is really the case we
have a much more serious problem then deciding punishment.

>Agreed.  And the punishment for the General - who withheld the information
>until the media uncovered it - should be removed from the Joint Chiefs.


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