Is There Hope?

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> Subject: Re: Is There Hope?
> Date: Friday, June 06, 1997 10:10 PM
> On Fri, 6 Jun 1997, Richard Swerdlin wrote:
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> :-)        As you say, "confiscatory" is relative or ambiguous.  I am not
> :-)trying to promote further apoplectic possibilities, but the
> :-)volunteered above does not seem to merit the adjective "confiscatory".
> :-)
> :-)Moderately,
> :-)Richard Swerdlin
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>         I must disagree (conservative that I am)!  The rate of
> taxation in the US today is something I think the founding fathers
> would have called unjust, at least.  And its not just the guy making
> 65 grand a year. I've worked with factory laborers, liberal and Union
> member alike, who when they had non-compulsory overtime allowed in
> their Union contract, refused to work it because they complained
> "Uncle Sam'l take more taxes outa my pay...forget that!".  Even though
> this is a misguided belief, the idea of the government taking more and
> more wreaks of confiscation.
>         Just an idea, but the all volunteer military in the US does a
> great job.  I do wonder what kind of revenue volunteer taxation would
> turn out. I had a third cousin who gave 25% of everything he made to
> the Church (he was Catholic)...he died worth well into the
> multi-millions of $s.  He always gave it because he believed in it.
> Granted, it ain't the same thing, but I still wonder.  They said the
> "talking movies" wouldn't amount to anything either..."just a fad"
> they said.
> Unswerving and possibly naively,
> John Hammes

        I have  no bone to pick with voluntary actions.  However, my
experiences suggest that  such actions are not too predictable or reliable.
 Essentially, life is lived in the context of 20th century conditions, not
in ones associated with the 19th or 18th centuries.  Adaptation is needed.

Sincerely,Richard Swerdlin
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