zhou Rongguang.Zhou at SJZ.COL.CO.CN
Sat Jun 7 07:26:32 MDT 1997

>Dennis Putnam wrote
>What you don't seem to understand is that production is not static in a free
>enterprise system. One man may need only a few things and indeed 10 men will
>need 10 times as much. However, those 10 men can produce enough material for
>20 when given the proper economic conditions. These conditions do not exist
>in a communist economy and this is why you cannot understand the math. This
>is not theory, this is the way things work in the US.
   I don't negate that the economic is one of the many reasons. But
10 men can produce more men in future, there is a large number in
I already told U: the rise of population is in geometry times. But the
rise of material is in math times.
  I don't believe that USA can accept 7,000,000 persons one year, and
resolve this question perfectly.

>Actually the average number is 2.5 children. I don't think you will ever

   But what did U know about the rise rate of population in China and
Please read the report of the rise rate of population by U.N.  PLease
the both from 1950 to 1996, In 1949, there are 600,000,000 in China, But
at 1996, there are 1,100,000,000 in China by the goverment, actually,
number is about 1,200,000,000 according to many normal persons. I donot
that our goverment conceal truth in this. what do U know?  what do U
know this
number in USA?  please compare the both of the number.

>I would not expect there to be a word for liberalism in China because it has
>no context in communism. However, in the US modern liberalism is the theory

   Please read  this sentence, U will know what's the liberalism in USA,
U know who's the speaker:
   When you don't have any ideas, I guess you ssay the other person's
are old.As I said earlier, they didn't have any ideas.Their ideas is to
taxes and spend more money.That's the liberal philosophy.

> That the economy has a fixed value (this is very
>close to the communist view) and when one person makes money someone else
>loses money. As such only government can solve these problems and it does so
>by punishing those who worked and earned money by taking it away and rewards
>those that do not work by giving to them. This is all firmly rooted in
>emotion based actions, ignoring results and the theory that if you have good
>intentions and it makes you feel good about yourself then you have been
>successful in solving the problem. In so many words, "symbolism over

    Again, a politician! U are good at disproof but U forgot
some defect in U goverment. U can accept that many defect in U country
that U have no ability to improve it, U called this as "freedom" or
"liberalism", but why do U cann't accept other country do them things in
own ways. when U and U goverment interfered why U don't consider this
country's freedom, this freedom called internal affairs.

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