300 Years of Oppression

Jim Nantz jimn at INFICAD.COM
Sat Jun 7 12:29:20 MDT 1997

At 09:22 PM 6/6/97 -0400, Dennis wrote:

I'll try to answer your questions although I'm sure you already know the

>This oppression agrument drives me nuts. Why is the white US singled out as
>the oppressor?
It's fashionable among the liberals to hate everything the U.S. stands for.

>Slavery was accepted world wide at the time. What country was
>the first to abolish it?

I read somewhere that England ended slavery in 1837 when the government
essentialy bought all the slaves then immediately freed them.  I might be
wrong on the date.  Maybe someone can clear this up.

>What country went to war where whites fought to end oppression?

That would be the U.S.  One of the reasons the confederacy left the union
was they felt their economy which was dependant on slavery was threatened
by the growing anti slavery movement in the north.

>What country was the first to involve these oppressed people in government?

Once again this would be the U.S.  Right after the Civil War the U.S. put
blacks into position of authority all over the South.  Also at that time
the constitution was ammended so that blacks were recognized as having the
same rights as everyone else.

>Where else in the world do these oppressed people have the opportunities
to achieve the kind of success that >is possible here?

You've got me.

You brought up some good questions but you forgot some.

1 - At the time of the civil war which political party was in favor of
keeping slavery and which party was in favor of abolishing slavery since
it's founding?

2 - Today which political party wants to continue to hold blacks in bondage
to their "masters" in government along with everyone else?

3 - Which party wants to people of all races what percentage of jobs,
university openings, etc they will get?

4 - Which party tries to make race an issue every chance it gets?

5 - Which party wants to eliminate considerations based on race?

6 - Which party wants to see people of all races freed from quotas and set

7 - Which party wants people of all races to be judged by the content of
their character not the color of their skin?

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