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Sat Jun 7 23:55:41 MDT 1997

On Sat, 7 Jun 1997, zhou wrote:

:-)>John Hammes wrote--
:-)> As of now, I'm under the impression that one
:-)>cannot vehemently disagree with a communist government, in public,
:-)>without fear of reprisal, as happened in Tiennamen Square. (spelling?)
:-)>I know the students there were not violent.
:-)  We already discuss this question between Dennis Putnam and me in
:-)U can obtain my view from Dennis. by the way, please read this words
:-)by Dennis: freedom is not free.
:-)  I said, the freedom is: it is limitary, I know this by my side, but U
:-)don't know in U side, that's all.
:-)  Obviously, U know nothing about China and Tiananmen Square(here is
:-)>Why were they arrested if they can speak their mind as one can in the US?
:-)  Yes, If one loudly appeal to the public that Cliton is lying, then
:-)may think he is a madman, because everyone know this. But I don't know

Actually, I believe Clinton is a lier, AND an adulterer, AND a
(indirectly) murderer.  I say so here.  Will they come and take me
away?  No, I don't think so. :)

:-)will happening if one speak that ovserset the institution combined by
:-)senate and the white house....

If a man in the US speaks that way (overtly?), there is nothing they
can do but hear it or not hear it.  They cannot silence him.  That is
how it is done in the US. They (Congress, the White House, and Senate)
can do nothing to a man speaking his feelings in the US, no matter
what he says.  By the way, if a man says Clinton is lying, I consider
him to be VERY sane. :)  If a man says this country (US) should
convert to communism, no one can silence him, legally.  I don't
believe the US should convert to communism, but I believe in that
man's right to say it whenever and wherever he wants to.

No one in the US may be legally stopped from saying what he thinks,
unless, of course, one threatens to kill or physically harm someone in
those political bodies. Then he would probably be questioned about it
by the Secret Service or someone similar.

I hope I understood you correctly. :)

John Hammes

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