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At 10:27 PM 6/7/97 +0900, you wrote:
>  We already discuss this question between Dennis Putnam and me in
>U can obtain my view from Dennis. by the way, please read this words
>by Dennis: freedom is not free.
>  I said, the freedom is: it is limitary, I know this by my side, but U
>don't know in U side, that's all.
>  Obviously, U know nothing about China and Tiananmen Square(here is

Yes we you did responsd privately. But your response was an attempt to
justify murdering babies based on taking the easy way out. China murders
babies because communism does not provide an environment or economic
incentive for anyone to seek alternative solutions. Indeed, those seeking
alternative solutions are thrown in prison or killed in the street. Yes
absorbing a large population increase may be difficult (to answer your
eariler question, yes the US could absorb a comparable percentage increase
in its population), there may even be much suffering trying to do it. But it
is the ultimate in arrogance for a human to decide what innocent lives
should be ended for convienence. Did it even occur to you that one of the
babies your government ordered to be killed may have been destined to solve
China's population problems without resorting to murder?

>  Yes, If one loudly appeal to the public that Cliton is lying, then
>may think he is a madman, because everyone know this. But I don't know
>will happening if one speak that ovserset the institution combined by
>senate and the white house....

We do that all the time in this list and throughout the country. The only
prohibition in our Constitution is against armed overthrow of the
government. However, we, as citizens, can try to change own own laws when
ever we want, we just need enough others to agree with us. That is
accomplished through persuasion, by speaking out against our president,
congress or any other elected official with whom we disagree. Sometimes we
are successful sometimes we are not but we are not squashed by tanks for
protesting in the streets nor thrown into prison for speaking out against
our elected officials (although admittedly clinton has tried that). Can the
Chinese people do that?

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