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>If it's against military regulations, he broke the regulation - whether he
>was told about it or not.

This is originally posed as a 'tongue in cheek' question however the point
was I was talking about was obeying orders not following regulations. One
cannot disobey an order that is not given.

>Was he general at the time?

Dunno. Does it mattter?

>Every individual in the military chain of command has at least one superior
>officer - with the exception of one.

Not true (except perhpas in this administration), at least in a broad
interpritation. The president is answerable to the people.

>Another interesting aside - if a superior officer is aware that a
>subordinate is violating a regulation, and chooses to let it pass, aren't
>they both in violation?  Aren't both of those conduct unbecoming an officer?

I'm not military but I would certainly think so.

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