Missing persons

zhou Rongguang.Zhou at SJZ.COL.CO.CN
Sat Jun 7 20:30:26 MDT 1997

>Dennis Putnam wrote--
>Am I the only one that has noticed our Chinese connection is MIA?
  what the word "MIA" means?

>John, did they unsubscribe?
  I want to do it, because i find it is a nonsense that the discussion
U and me. U know nothing about China, and make many subjective determine
it, acorrding to U own ways and U media. U only believe it's correct the
defamation for China.

>I hope they didn't get a hard lesson in what freedom means in China.
  If u can scrap the jingo(I hope u do it.). I think that this
discussion will
go on. and i will let U get a hard lesson in what freedom means in USA.
I know this is a difficult things.

>Actually I'm a little worried. Did our free thinking post perhaps
>get them into political trouble?
  Baleful care for me and Baleful aspersion for our country! I think U
do it well.
  Again, U know nothing about China, Dennis! although U have the
to make U determine.

-----------------Ma Zhang Kai wrote--------------
*So let us begin anew-remembering on both sides*
*that civility is not a sign of weakness,and s-*
*incerity is always subject to proof. Let us n-*
*ever negotiate out of fear. But let us fear to*
*negotiate.                                    *
*           Dennis!     Do U know who said it? *
---------------Ma Zhang Kai wrote-----------------------------------

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