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>That's as interesting question.  All sarcasm aside:  Is he really?  I have
>often wondered that.  Same with any politician.  Once they have been
>elected, there is little - if anything - we can do.  Our only power is next
>election, but, in the meantime, zilch.  And, frankly, I don't trust any of
>them.  I believe that any and all of them will say and promise whatever it
>takes to get elected.  It's a crap shoot at election time.

It is indeed difficult and usually seemingly impossible but there are
provisions if enough people agree (recall, impeachment, etc.).

>I sometimes believe I am being far too cynical.  yet, other times, I
>believe I am right on target.

That can be said about anything and anyone, it is not unique to politicians.
However, we all have to understand a given politician must represent his/her
consitutients (in theory) which may not always represent what the rest of us
wants. Likewise the reverse is true as well. The system is designed to
change slowly (how well the liberals learned that lesson) and in small
increments. Ironcally, the election that draws the most voters is the one
farthest from their influence and the election that draws the least voters
are the ones were voters have the most influence. If your representative is
representing your interests then that is all you can hope for. If your
representative does an about face in office then recall him/her. If the
breach is that serious you will get enough support to do it. If not then you
have to abide by the wishes of majority of voters in your district. Sadly,
if they don't care, again the real blame is with the voters. If my
representative opposes the views of yours, don't blame him/her for
representing my interests instead. Most of us think Chucky Schumer is a jerk
but he is what his consituients want, indeed if he started thinking like the
rest of us his constituents would rightfully say the same about him as you
are saying about all politicans.

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