Why racism will never die and why young people are contemptous of authority

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Sun Jun 8 16:45:42 MDT 1997


A high school senior and his mother were in court this week in Altanta. It
seems that the senior got into an argument with one of his teachers and
threated him with bodily harm. The teacher reported it and the school board
voted to not permit the senior to 'stand' with his class during the
graduation ceremony. In my day if my parents found this out 'stand'ing is
all I would be able to do. Today this student's mother not only did not
further discipline him but filed suit to injoin the graduation ceremony. The
lesson this senior learned? It doesn't matter what I do wrong my mother will
relieve me of my responsibility. The basis for this suit? Yep, you guessed
it, the senior is black and the lesson he is learning from this should be
just as obvious.

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Dennis Putnam
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Stupid quote epitomizing modern liberalism:

"The whole point of the Constitution is to limit at some point and in some
way popular will."
Robert Post, Berkeley law professor on Ca. prop. 209 restraining order.
(L.A. Times)

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