A Milkaholic?

Richard Swerdlin swerdlin at GTE.NET
Mon Jun 9 05:03:12 MDT 1997

> From: John B Hammes <economic at NETINS.NET>
> To: RUSHTALK at athena.csdco.com
> Subject: A Milkaholic?
> Date: Monday, June 09, 1997 5:20 AM
> Just read where a "milkaholic" is suing for being harmed by his habit.
> Hope he never broke a glass and cut his hand.  That could be an extra
> couple of thousand dollars from another lawsuit for the scars.
> *Sigh* Just venting.
> John Hammes

        Your note reminded me of an incident in a Kroger store.  A woman
started screaming.  A bottle of pop had broken.  Considering the screaming,
I wondered how seriously the woman's hand had been cut.  If an examiner
looked hard enough, a small scratch could be detected in the palm.
Nevertheless, the manager was agreeable to her going to the local hospital.

         Overall, the incident seemed silly to me then.  It seems even
sillier now.

        Perhaps of mutual interest also, I recall serving as foreperson of
a jury in a civil case.  Initially, the plaintiffs asked for $500,000.
There were actually various related issues that had to be acted on by the
jury.  The initial vote on a major isue was 10-2.  I was half of that
minority.  Patiently, we stuck together.  Finally there was unanimous
agreement on an amount of $80,000.  In retrospect, plaintiffs were trying
to milk the insurance cow.

        Relatedly, 4 of the 12 jurors really did not care.  They literally
wanted to leave quickly.  Amusingly, I suggested that we could even eat
across the street, so that deliberation might continue, if necessary.

Richard Swerdlin
(swerdlin at gte.net)

P.S.  Although a woman had been killed in an auto accident, this did not
seem to halt a few Aggie jokes involving testimony.  Having observed at
various trials in New York and Ohio, the above behavior seemed lighter than
usual, at least for such a case.

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