Human Rights Violated in China? How?

Richard Swerdlin swerdlin at GTE.NET
Mon Jun 9 05:16:01 MDT 1997

> From: John B Hammes <economic at NETINS.NET>
> Subject: Human Rights Violated in China? How?
> Date: Monday, June 09, 1997 5:51 AM
> Zhou:
>         I was reading the China News Digest this morning (enclosed),
> and found a shocking article.  I know you said that China is a free
> country. What do you make of this, Zouh?  Was someone really arrested
> and imprisoned for just attempting to organize a labor rights group
> and drafting a petition?  I find this hard to believe, since China is
> a free country and the government is the PEOPLES' Republic of China.
> Please explain how this could happen, if it really did.  I don't
> understand.
> John Hammes

        Extendedly, I used to listen to international shortwave broadcasts
with the collaboration of a Magnavox radio.  While reception from Asia was
good usually, the same could not be said concerning its content.  Actually,
the Taiwan, Japanese, and
 Chinese accounts had to be taken with a grain of salt.  More reliable and
informative were the BBC treatments of the news.

        While changes occur in China and elsewhere, these may be more
technological than human.  Thus it is still the practice to intimidate
"dissidents" in some serious manner.  The term "re-education" remains a
popular euphemism, especially in Asia.

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