Dangerous food

Jim Nantz jimn at INFICAD.COM
Mon Jun 9 14:03:18 MDT 1997

WARNING: Drinking milk can lead to clogged arteries which can lead to heart
attacks, and strokes which cause brain damage that causes you to file
frivolous lawsuits.

WARNING: Popcorn cooked in coconut oil is a health hazard as bad as
tobacco.  Eating popcorn cooked in cocount oil will KILL you.

WARNING: Mexican food is deadly.  Millions of Mexicans have died after a
lifetime of eating Mexican food.

WARNING: Lean ground beef isn't lean after all.  Eating it will cause you
to have all kinds of health problems including heart attack, stroke, and
frivolous lawsuits.

WARNING: Apples treated with alar are toxic.  Eating them could kill you.

WARNING: Italian food is full of artery clogging fat. Millions of Italians
have died after a lifetime of eating it.

WARNING: Eating beef will give you mad cow disease.  Look at Oprah, Hillary
Clinton, Molly Yard, Pat Ireland, Rosanne Barr, and Janet Reno.

WARNING: Clorine in tap water increases your chances of clogged arteries
thereby magnifying the effects of such toxic foods as coconut oil, mexican
food, italian food, and milk.

Conclusion: In order to avoid all these terrible risks to your health it is
reccomended that you join the Heaven's Gate people by killing yourself as
soon as possible.

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